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Urban Pathways

For homeless outreach in the Flatiron District, the BID works with Urban Pathways, a nonprofit human services agency. Urban Pathways was formed in 1975 and provides assistance to the homeless by helping to add stability and independence to their lives, enabling them to eventually move off the streets and into permanent housing.

A two-person team of trained outreach workers offers ongoing assistance, program referrals, and shelter and housing options to those in need of these services. The team works with individuals to understand and address their specific needs; provides transportation to shelter and treatment facilities; and works with the individuals on referrals for a more permanent housing solution. The BID's Homeless Outreach Team is on duty 35 hours per week.

Click here to download AT-A-GLANCE Services in Times of Need, a pocket-sized card with information on various services, distributed by the BID’s Homeless Outreach Team and Public Safety Officers. 

Watch a video about the BID's homeless outreach team from Urban Pathways: 

East Side Alliance 

The BID is a founding member of the East Side Alliance, a group of community organizations, law enforcement, and area methadone clinics working together on quality of life issues related to the clinics that impact their surrounding neighborhoods. The BID works with the New York Police Department’s 13th Precinct and area methadone clinics to share information on conditions and address any concerns within the area.

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