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Shake Shake Ramen - $12

Restaurants & Bars

12 W 21st Street

Looking for something delicious to eat but don't have the time to sit down and enjoy your meal at a restaurant? Stop by ROKI to pickup your "Shake Shake Ramen" to go! Filled with ramen noodles, seasonal organic vegetables, roast pork, garlic, fried onions, roasted sesame seeds, chili oil, and topped with sesame sauce. All you have to do is "shake" the container, just like the name! Sold exclusively at ROKI for only $12.


The view from last Friday... 😍

#discoverflatiron #snowday #cleanstreets #flatironny
The view from last Friday... 😍 #discoverflatiron #snowday #cleanstreets #flatironny
1 week ago