Sep 3, 2019

New Neighbor: Honeybrains

The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership welcomes Honeybrains to the neighborhood at 34 West 22nd Street — the restaurant's second New York location after its debut in NoHo in 2016. Honeybrains is a café focused on prioritizing brain wellness with healthy superfoods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Along with the food, Honeybrains offers tea, coffee, fresh juices, and a "Brain Bar" that features raw honey from around the world. A local family-owned business, Honeybrains was sparked by a conversation between siblings (one of which is a neurologist who studied the effect of nutrition and lifestyle on brain function), that led to the exploration of marrying scientific knowledge with enjoyable food and drink experiences. 

"Flatiron is an exciting and vibrant neighborhood that contains an incredible mix of startups and health and wellness concepts,"  says Marisa Seifan, CEO and Founder of Honeybrains. "We love being part of the local community and look forward to getting to know all our neighbors."

According to Honeybrains, every menu item is 100% based on neuroscience and designed for your overall well-being. Honeybrains' creations are meant to promote a healthy body and a healthy brain based on scientific research by neurologists and nutritionists. All recipes and juices are made from the "HB Five Food Groups": vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and food high in Omega 3s. The HB team has targeted these food groups for essential nutrients like color pigments, good fats, fiber, B & D vitamins, and minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium. 


The full food menu features a variety of savory and sweet all-day toasts, a selection of bowls like Carne Asada and Cauliflower Couscous, salads & sandwiches, and several sweets. Some crowd favorites include the "Avocado Crush," an avo toast on seeded sourdough topped with lemon, a chia hemp flax seed medley, Maldon salt, and olive oil, and the "Power Breakfast Bowl"  made with two sunny side Omega 3 eggs, arugula, red new potatoes, chickpeas, hearts of palm, lentils, edamame, pumpkin seeds, red chilies, red onions, and cilantro (pictured above).  

Honeybrains touts an impressive fresh-pressed juice and shot selection. The juices are made in-house from scratch and contain unique combinations of ingredients to target brain and body health. Each juice is crafted to contain one or more active, natural ingredients, includes natural sweeteners, and is balanced with fiber so that the ratio of sugar to fiber is similar to that found in a whole apple. The "Brain Boost" juice seeks to improve memory as its made with ingredients like sage, miso, and walnuts, which are suggested to boost hormones interacting with the nervous system and memory processing and are high in omega 3s. 

At the Brain Bar, you won't find any processed sugars. The Bar features unique coffee and tea-based specialty drinks that were created using the best raw honey Honeybrains could find. Honeybrains believes that substituting processed sugars with natural sweeteners such as raw honey is a simple way to improve your brain health. La Colombe coffee and various teas are enhanced with ethically sourced honey. You can enjoy a "Golden Milk Latte" made with raw wildflower honey, turmeric, cinnamon, juniper berries, peppercorn, vanilla, almond milk, or the "HB Honey Nut Latte" made with espresso, Japanese knotweed honey, and almond milk. 

The Honeybrains' Flatiron outpost mirrors its name with honeycomb designed ceilings, floral murals, and yellow accents. The atmosphere of the café is meant to provide mindful calmness as you enjoy your meal or beverage. The ceiling, lighting, and acoustics all play a role in your experience. The honeycomb-patterned ceiling features the warm glow of circadian lighting that is intended to contribute to guests' well-being by delivering optimal brightness and color temperature at different times of the day. This type of lighting is claimed to promote happier moods and better sleep patterns. Honeybairns believes in giving back to the community. With this in mind, the café partners with a number of non-profits to benefit organizations like The Alzheimer's Association, Yamba Malawi Bee Keeping Program, and Move For Minds.

Honeybrains is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day; Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 9 pm & Saturday and Sunday 8 am - 8 pm. 

Honeybrains, 34 West 22nd Street between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, (917) 472-7682, @honeybrainslife 

Aug 12, 2019

New Neighbor: Le Tea

The Flatiron Partnership is excited to welcome Le Tea to the District. Le Tea is a sophisticated, upscale tea boutique crafting game-changing tea beverages with an artistic aesthetic and a desire to mitigate environmental impact. Originally from China, this shop at 1134 Broadway marks Le Tea’s first U.S. location.

Le Tea strives to incorporate the culture of its store's community inside the space with each store encompassing a different theme inspired by its neighborhood. "Le Tea is an innovative tea brand inspired by surrounding community cultures. Compared to other famous neighborhoods in bustling NYC. we chose the Flatiron District as our first location due to its all-inclusiveness when it comes to arts, cultures, finance, and commerce," said Bruce Yan, Founder of Le Tea. "The building itself is a symbol of history, novelty, and revolutionary architecture.”  With this in mind, Le Tea wanted to create a revolution in contemporary tea culture, and adopt "revolution" as the theme of its Flatiron location.

Le Tea was built out of Yan's inspiration for the artistic lifestyle. Walk into Le Tea, located on Broadway between West 25th and 26th Avenues, and find comfort in the design and details of this modern tea shop. The founders of Le Tea are fashion graduates of The New School's Parsons School of Design in New York City's Union Square neighborhood. Their knowledge of the consumer experience through a design lens is clearly represented. At the core of their brand, Le Tea draws a close connection between art and life and becomes that liaison for its customers. The sleek and modern interior is accented with comfortable seating, lively plants, and paintings of historical figures playfully holding Le Te cups. 

Le Tea relies on an international supply chain of high-quality fruit puree and authentic Chinese tea sources to provide each customer with an exclusive tea tasting experience. Le Tea's Special Fruit Teas are made with fresh fruit pulp and high-quality fruit puree. Le Tea’s menu also includes Milk Tea consisting of Black Tea or Jasmine Green Tea with your milk selection. Le Milk combines the fresh fruit puree and a milk of your choice mimicking an experience close to a smoothie that is unique on its own. Various kinds of milk can be used, including almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, or whole milk, and coconut milk is on its way to the list. Hats (toppings) such as Bubble, Aloe, Mini Taro Ball, Mashed Taro, Milk Foam, or Cake Foam, can be added to any tea at an additional cost. Some of the most popular items include the Mixed Berry & Milk Foam fruit tea, Premium Dragon Well, Mango Le Milk, and Cake Milk.

(Photo Credit: @ceci_eats)

The raw, pure tea ingredients used at Le Tea are of high, healthy quality on both the tea and fruit side. Guests also have the option to customize the sugar level of drinks with options of no sugar, less sugar, half sugar, and regular. In addition to beverages, Le Tea offers Mille Crêpes, a decadent twenty-layer crepe cake with pastry cream separating each crepe. Original, Chocolate, Matcha, Rainbow, and Rose flavored Mille Crêpes are available.

Along with providing an authentic, luxury Chinese tea experience, Le Tea is also committed to limiting their environmental footprint without using any single-use plastics. Instead, Le Tea serves beverages in a high-quality recyclable cup, available in medium (500 ml) or large (600 ml), and complimentary reusable stainless steel "Golden Straws." Le Tea encourages its guests to reuse their golden straws – bring back your straw during each visit, and your tenth drink is free.

In an effort to seek out inspiration for new tea flavors, Le Tea partners with various brands and businesses for limited-edition teas. During the first month of its soft opening, Le Tea collaborated with fashion brand DIESEL. The DIESEL tea featured raspberry, jasmine green tea, butterfly pea tea and aloe jelly that matched the tone of DIESEL’s new season.

Join Le Tea on August 18th for a grand opening event that includes free tea tastings and special promotions. Enjoy 15% drinks all day (limit of two per person), and 30% for the first 80 customers.  The first 18 guests will receive free Le Tea "ArTea" gift sets. In celebration of the grand opening, Le Tea is partnering with the skincare brand Then I Met You for a special TIMY Tea.

Le Tea, 1134 Broadway, between 25th Street and 26th Street, (832) 202-3419

Header Photo Credit: Yelp User Qi Y

Jul 30, 2019

New Neighbor: Alchemy 43

The Flatiron Partnership welcomes Alchemy 43 to the neighborhood at 40 East 21st Street. The new aesthetics bar specializes in cosmetic microtreatments from the neck up. LA-based founder and CEO, Nicci Levy, founded Alchemy 43 in an attempt to apply a new approach to the industry that removes the shame around injectables. Alchemy 43, dubbed the "Drybar of Botox," aims to move treatments away from an intimidating medical procedure towards an accessible, comfortable self-care experience that honors the seriousness of cosmetic treatments. 

"Flatiron is home to so many cutting-edge beauty and wellness concepts with clients who share an affinity for staying in tune with what's new," said Nicci Levy, Founder & CEO. "I scoured all of New York for the perfect first location for Alchemy 43 and I kept coming back to Flatiron; I love the energy and how there's always something new to discover... I could get lost in this area all day! It felt like the perfect spot."  

The cucumber-and-lime scented space is meant to be fun and inviting with a neon electric sign saying "BRB... Taking Care of Me", sleek vanities, and an instagrammable lounge featuring a granite tabletop co-working space. Clients can be found enjoying small bites and fruit-garnished sparkling water in champagne flutes. The Alchemy 43 microtreatments are designed to be comfortable, convenient, and customizable to every client's personal beauty goals. Alchemy 43's menu includes eye replenishment, cheekbone lifts, face contour, and lip enhancement. Before making a decision, clients can undergo a 3D consultation that simulates expected results with state-of-the-art Canfield VECTRA® 3D imaging software. Alchemy also offers "Beauty Boosts" that utilize essential vitamins and nutrients to assist metabolism, clear skin, strengthen hair, and improve brain function.


Every treatment at Alchemy 43 is medically effective, minimally invasive, and can be part of an ongoing beauty maintenance regimen. While still maintaining the clinical nature of the treatment, the goal of Alchemy 43 is to provide these services in a more relaxed and accessible manner. A certified and skilled team of professionals including RNs, PA-Cs, and NPs are constantly broadening their already extensive degree of knowledge of the premium products and anatomy of the 43 muscles of the face. Alchemy 43's text message platform lets clients reserve a space within a week’s notice, or clients can simply walk-in. 

 Alchemy 43 believes in the effectiveness of incorporating microtreatments into a regular beauty routine. To help clients work microtreatments into their budget, Alchemy 43 offers a membership program called the A43 Society. The $99/month auto-debit collects in the member's "savings account" to be utilized for any future treatments. A43 Society also includes perks like special member pricing and a complimentary $650 microtreatment on your one-year anniversary. 

Alchemy 43's accessibility platform stems from the company's belief that no matter the lifestyle, everyone deserves to look and feel their best. After establishing a strong presence in the Los Angeles cosmetology scene with four locations, the Flatiron District is happy to welcome Alchemy 43 to the strong Flatiron wellness scene. 

Alchemy 43 is open forwalk-in and scheduled appointments Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 7 pm, Friday 10 am to 6:30 pm and Saturday 10 am to 5 pm. The spa is closed on Sunday. 

Alchemy 43, 40 East 21st Street, (917) 970-3743

Sources: Alchemy 43, New York Times, & Fast Company.

Jul 9, 2019

New Neighbor: Precision Run

The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership is delighted to welcome Precision Run fitness studio, a method-driven treadmill class, to the district. Equinox, the global high-performance lifestyle leader, chose the Flatiron District to launch its first internal group fitness program into a stand-alone studio concept. 

"The Flatiron District is a bustling hub for innovation, specifically for fitness and wellness," says Director of Operations, James Gu."Equinox opened the first-ever Precision Run studio in the neighborhood to contribute to this ongoing innovation, offering a scientifically-backed running program for both runners and haters alike. Plus, our Equinox Flatiron club is right around the corner!" 

Precision Run was co-founded by Creative Director David Siik, who conceptualized a class that would optimize the variables of treadmill running, which include speed, incline, duration, and recovery, also known as the B.I.T.E. method. Precision Run has created an entirely new category of running, and it has inspired a new generation of first-time runners with its foundational approach to rapid progress and results. Precision Run is an indoor running experience on a mission to redefine how you think about treadmill running. 


Inside the studio at 12 West 21st Street, 34 propriety Woodway treadmills with Walnut hardwood and steel accents line the room from wall to wall. With technical features that enable a fully integrated user experience, Precision Run seeks to have the smartest and sleekest treadmill in the industry. As for the dashboard, it presents a smooth, user-friendly interval training screen that encourages every individual to find his or her "Perfect Personal Record". On the dashboard, runners can select a one-tap recovery button while the Smart Keys learn every new interval speed and auto-populates them onto runner's screens to that they always see their Last Speed. The goal is to revolutionize the way a treadmill changes pace from sprint to recovery by creating the fastest rate of deceleration through the Woodway treadmill. 

Additionally, the experiential element of the studio is not one to be forgotten. To further connect runners to the class and enhance performance, Precision Run creates a specific assortment of music that focuses and inspires runners and sensory lighting to coincide with the runner's force and heart rate. Breathe deep while you're in the studio to enjoy oxygen-enriched air to give your lungs a little kick. Precision Run's commitment to beautiful spaces extends to its sleek locker rooms that are stocked with Ursa Major products and equipped with lockers that can charge your phone. 

The Precision Run studio also offers a Hydro Bar equipped with performance and recovery enhancing blends and an open recovery lounge area to connect with the Precision Run community before and after class. The lounge is also fully stocked with Hyperice cooldown tools to assist in the post-run recovery. 

Precision Run is a studio, an interval training method, and a 50-minute class that engages intervals to balance speed, incline, duration, and recovery. Precision Run is tailored to each individual's level with the first 2-3 minutes of the class consisting of a self-led digital experience to find your Personal Record, the fastest speed you can maintain for 1 minute. All of the speeds in class will be based on this number, and the class includes a warmup, cool down, and recovery intervals of walking or jogging. 

Classes are available for purchase in quantities from 1 run to packages of 30, and an Equinox membership is not required. Classes are offered 7 days a week with class times and instructors vary throughout the week. Tread booking opens exactly 7 days prior to class. Check out the full schedule here.

Precision Run, 12 West 21st Street, between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, (212) 328-9095

 Photo Credit: Precision Run and @ajrobach





Jul 3, 2019

New Neighbor: Poster House

The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership is excited to welcome Poster House, the first museum dedicated to posters in the United States, to the District. Poster House's mission is to showcase posters from all over the world, from their origins in the 1860s to present day use. The museum will host exhibitions and events surrounding the history, design, and cultural context of posters. 

"The Flatiron District is ideal for Poster House because this is a community of designers, fabricators, tech professionals, and art appreciators--a perfect audience for Poster House," says Museum Director, Julia Knight. "We love being in the center of the city, right in the mix of daily life, since that's what posters speak to. This is a vibrant corridor between Flatiron and Chelsea, and we have been pulling people off the street who have been watching our progress for months!"

Designing Through The Wall: Cyan in the 1990s

Posters explore mass communication and persuasion, the intersection of art and commerce, and the public domain. From the Industrial Revolution to now, posters have been utilized to reflect and shape societal trends as they compete for public attention and interest. Designed to persuade and inform the public, the viewer experiences a combination of image and text. 

Poster House derives its mission from the origin of the medium, aiming to entertain and educate its audiences. As the very first museum in the United States dedicated to the global history of posters, Poster House will host exhibition galleries for temporary shows, educational programming for schools and families, and a living archive of contemporary posters. Inside Poster House's 15,000 square foot, two-level space, there are 3 gallery spaces, an Education Workshop, a permanent Kid's Exhibit, a photo booth, a design game, a cafe, and a gift shop. 

Interactive Kids Exhibition

Poster House has a three-step curatorial approach designed to fulfill the goals of its mission. First, to demonstrate the medium's depth, Poster House will be exhibiting posters from a global perspective including all time-frames and all countries or regions. Second, Poster House will utilize exhibition design to visually call attention to important details of the work. Third, Poster House will develop exhibitions that celebrate familiar posters as well as present new subjects for consideration.

Poster House will feature temporary rotating exhibitions, with a mandate to feature at least 1 non-western and 1 female-focused exhibition every season. While Poster House does have a permanent collection of over 7,000 posters, it is not on view in the museum. However, Poster House collects for upcoming programming as well as for their Living Archive that houses contemporary poster campaigns from more than 115 countries.

There are two temporary exhibits currently on display at Poster House. The first, Alphonse Mucha: Art Nouveau/Nouvelle Femme, is located in the main gallery space and focuses on one of the most famous poster artists of all time. The second, Designing Through The Wall: Cyan in the 1990s, is the opening "Jewel Box" exhibition and will show the early work of the East German design group. The permanent interactive installations are the Photo Booth, Design Game, Digital Poster Wall, and Kids Exhibition. 

Poster House is open 11 am - 6 pm every day except Tuesday when they are closed to the public. 

Admission is $12 per adult, $8 per student or senior, and free admission for kids 18 and under. (Admission is $8 for individuals with disabilities, including free admission for 1 accompanying care partner.)

Poster House, 119 West 23rd Street, between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue, (917) 722-2439

 Photo Credit: Stephanie Powell 




Jun 13, 2019

New Neighbor: Ralph's Coffee

The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership is excited to welcome the timeless American spirit of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand with a fresh atmosphere and the rich, flavorful blend from La Colombe Coffee Roasters that is Ralph's Coffee. Ralph's Coffee represents the Flatiron experience by showcasing the convergence of style, flavor, and authenticity.

From the Ralph's Team: "The Flatiron District is an iconic New York neighborhood. The bustling energy of lower Fifth Avenue is a perfect complement to the fresh and authentic spirit of Ralph’s Coffee and an ideal location for the brand’s first-ever freestanding outpost."

Ralph's Coffee has locations globally, including shops within flagship stores in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and on the Upper East Side, but the first-ever freestanding Ralph's Coffee Shop recently debuted in the Flatiron District. Ralph Lauren is continuing to engage consumers with experiential and unique expressions of the brand through the hospitality portfolio. "The smell of freshly brewed coffee evokes so many memories for me. Mostly of time spent with friends and family; the people I love. I wanted to develop these coffee blends in that spirit, and create a place where people could come together and take a break from their busy days," said Ralph Lauren.


The freestanding store serves Ralph's Coffee and Espresso as well as Ralph's American Breakfast Tea. Additionally, the store is the first to offer an Espresso Tonic—a refreshing spin on iced coffee with three shots of espresso, tonic water, and an orange slice. Ralph's special blends, Ralph's Roast, Decaf, and Espresso feature organically grown beans from Central America, South America, and Africa. The beans are roasted and packaged in the US by La Colombe, and the all-natural Swiss Water Process is used to decaffeinate. 

Baked fresh at The Polo Bar, some of Ralph's sweet treats include Ralph's Brownie and Ralph's Chocolate Chip Cookie. A curated array of Ralph’s Coffee apparel and accessories, including Ralph’s Coffee beans, signature tote bags, and graphic T-shirts are available for sale.

Ralph's Coffee in the Flatiron District maintains the aesthetic atmosphere of Ralph Lauren clothing stores and Ralph's Coffee shops around the globe with its hunter green tiled walls, white tin ceilings, painted white counters with marble tops, and colorfully geometric floor tiles. Black stools create window seating while a backlit Ralph's Coffee illuminates the coffee bar. The waitstaff dress in Ralph Lauren striped shirts and knit ties in the Ralph's Coffee signature green, along with denim and butchers' aprons embroidered with the Ralph's Coffee logo. 

Ralph's Coffee serves a range of varying interest points for each customer. Whether you sport the Ralph Lauren brand on the daily, consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, or you simply enjoy an aesthetically pleasing place to sit, Ralph's Coffee is a spot for anyone who lives or works in the Flatiron District.

Ralph’s Coffee is open Monday – Saturday from 7 am – 7 pm and Sunday from 8 am – 6 pm.

Ralph's Coffee, 160 Fifth Avenue, between 20th Street & 21st Street, (212) 627-2040

Jun 12, 2019

New Neighbor: Bourke Street Bakery

The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership is thrilled to welcome Australian favorite Bourke Street Bakery to the NoMad area of the Flatiron District. In their first U.S. location, Bourke Street Bakery NYC is bringing the quintessential Australian food experience to NYC introducing New Yorkers to sausage rolls, sourdough and serious coffee with a smile.

The famed bakery cafe which began with a cult following nearly 15 years ago on a quaint, tree-lined street in Sydney’s Surry Hills. It quickly became the beating heart of the neighbourhood with lines snaking around the corner. It now has 13 locations in Australia and is considered an iconic and must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike. The bakery is mentioned in every Australian good food guide list and is now open in Flatiron with the man who began it all, Chef Paul Allam, at the helm. He will be in the kitchen working the ovens daily from 4 am.

Paul began traveling regularly to NYC twelve years ago and fell in love with the lifestyle and energy of the city inspiring him to relocate here with his wife and three children.

"When we arrived from Sydney we were looking all over NYC for the right site we wanted something special where we could make everything on site. We wanted that immediacy that our customers could see us making everything they bought...," explains Allam. "This particular spot that we settled on in Flatiron is actually the same building as The James Hotel but is a separate entrance on 28th –  it really has something special about it. The building is landmarked for a reason."Beyond the street frontage, inside the empty space we fell in love with the lofty high ceilings and industrial beams and there was enough room for us to build a bakery and café. You could feel a bygone era and it just spoke to us."

Bourke Street Bakery is a celebration of everyday pleasures: good pastries, sourdough breads, small-batch coffee, natural wine, craft beer & seasonal plates. With a menu inspired by the bread oven & seasons, the bakery provides rustic, fresh, handmade food you want to eat daily. All items are made in-house, including the bakery range, house-made cheeses, house-churned butter, juices, jams, and even ketchup. Much of the flour used is from house-milled grains. Paul Allam has been excitedly developing new dishes with an American twist which will be baked daily, and he is also keen to introduce New Yorkers to some elevated Aussie classics.


The bakery offers sweet and savory favorites baked fresh throughout the day. Sweets include a cornucopia of traditional handmade pastries, cakes, tarts, pies, muffins, and cookies. (Be sure to try the famed ginger crème brulee tart with roasted pistachio.) A wide range of changing sourdough breads are also baked throughout the day. A large oven timetable chalkboard for locals to see when their favorite breads are coming out of the oven. 

A full open kitchen also offers an all-day menu including grab and go for those in a hurry as well as made to order items to sit down and enjoy. The diverse and vibrant menu features seasonal sandwiches, quick plates & salads. Elevated Australian classics include a pork & fennel sausage roll, lamb & harissa sausage roll, and a smoked bacon & egg brioche bun with gentleman’s relish.

 Visitors can expect great Australian coffee with a flavor profile of caramels, nuts, and milk chocolate, with a long finish. Natural & biodynamic wines and craft beer are also available. 

"I love the energy and vibrancy of NYC. I love the enthusiasm of the people. We have received such a warm welcome," says Allum. "I’m excited to introduce New Yorkers to Bourke Street Bakery food and casual approach. Serious food but very relaxed and casual service."

Bourke Street Bakery is open Monday through Saturday 7 am until 7 pm and Sunday 7 am until 5 pm.

Bourke Street Bakery15 East 28th Street, 917-675-6394


May 28, 2019

New Neighbor: Standard Dose Wellness Experience

The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership is happy to announce the launch of Standard Dose Wellness Experience. Located on the corner of Broadway and 26th Street, this three-story Flatiron destination is the first CBD and plant-based brick and mortar location, offering visitors a complete guided wellness journey. From a curated selection of the highest quality plant-based products to yoga, meditation, educational workshops, and spa services, Standard Dose is an all-inclusive space that serves the mind, body and soul.

“I have been working in Flatiron for years and have seen it grow into a health and wellness hub. It’s also a bustling business area with the largest concentration of co-working spaces. Because of this, we saw an opportunity to join the neighborhood offering a calm escape where people can unwind and reset," says CEO & Founder, Anthony Saniger. "People can come to Standard Dose before work, after work and even during for a quick focus or recharge session.” 

Standard Dose is a multi-brand, omni channel retailer dedicated to elevating the standard for plant-based wellness, starting with CBD. Committed to education, transparency and trust, Standard Dose offers a curated selection of products that meet the highest standards of quality, effectiveness, and experience. Each brand is required to provide lab test results and in addition to, Standard Dose completes its own third-party independent lab testing and internal vetting processes. Everything goes through this rigor at Standard Dose to give consumers the confidence and trust they are looking for. Meeting legal standards, every CBD product offered at Standard Dose is made with industrial hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC.

At the entrance of Standard Dose, trained educators greet guests and are available for guidance on the benefits and uses of over 100 specially selected CBD and plant-based products ranging from ingestibles to topicals. Moving further into the space, a tea bar serves up custom blends for detox, immunity and healing. Just past the tea bar is an intimate meditation studio where guided sessions can be booked, including the option to deepen the practice with Standard Dose’s leading CBD tincture. The zen experience is further enhanced with a therapeutic skylight installation by CoeLux, which visually reproduces the behavior of the earth’s atmosphere and is proven to support mental restorative processes, reduce stress, heighten a sense of comfort and emotional wellbeing, and enhance cognitive functions.

The top floor is an outdoor rooftop hosting a series of additional meditation and yoga classes as well as educational workshops, and community events focused on CBD and plant-based wellness.

To come later in June, the lower level will feature a spa treatment room where select clean beauty services and body treatments can be reserved. With these services, guests will also have the opportunity to sample and experience a selection of luxury CBD skin care products.

Standard Dose is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm. 

Standard Dose, 1145 Broadway, 212-547-9453


May 14, 2019

New Neighbor: Sweetcatch Poke

Healthy lunch and dinner options have become a staple in the Flatiron District. That's why the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership is pleased to welcome a new addition to healthy food choices: Sweetcatch Poke. Poke originally opened in New York City in 2016 on Lexingtonton Avenue between E 54th and E 55th. The new NoMad location, situated in the north east corner of the district, is now open on Madison Avenue between 27th and 28th streets. Sweetcatch serves pre-marinated poke bowls that mirror the authentic flavors of Hawaii. 

"I have lived in the NoMad area of the Flatiron District for 16 years and love how the neighborhood has grown. We loved the community around Madison Square Park that made it the 'place to be' since my boys were born," says Sweetcatch owner, Frank Vellucci. "My boys might be 13 and 9 now, but we love to go to the park and try the various restaurants and shops throughout the district. I am proud to have Sweetcatch be part of our thriving new neighborhood."  

Sweetcatch's menu offers five Hawaiian Classic bowls with ongoing specials rotating monthly. In addition, customers have the option to Build Your Own Bowl in five easy steps. First, guests choose their prefered base of white or brown rice, marinated kale, or vegetable noodles, followed by their choice of protein: chicken, tofu, or seafood pre-marinated Hawaiian style poke. Next, guests can select their custom mix of fruits and veggies as toppings and then add some crunch to complete the ultimate poke bowl. Sweetcatch also features nori popcorn, housemade lemonades, and frozen drinks.

If your office or events need catering, Sweetcatch Poke offers a robust catering menu. Build Your Own Bowls, Poke Burrito Platters, and Canape options give hosts the opportunity to offer something delicious, healthy and different.

Sweetcatch Poke is open Sunday through Monday 11 am - 9 pm.

 Sweetcatch, 66 Madison Avenue, (212) 481-4020



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