BID Expansion

How is a BID expanded?

The BID expansion effort is a regulated process outlined by the City of New York.  The process consists of the planning, community outreach, and legislative phases. We are currently in the outreach stage and we hope to enter the legislative phase by mid 2020. The goal is to begin implementation of expanded BID services in early 2021.

Phase 1: Planning - Completed in June 2019

  • Get approval from the existing BID Board to pursue an expansion.
  • A Steering Committee is formed, which is comprised of various stakeholders from the community – property owners, businesses, residents, and retailers.
  • Hold initial planning session and identify boundaries.
  • Develop a database of property owners and tenants in the expansion area.
  • Conduct a needs assessment survey that is approved by the Steering Committee.
  • Determine the services and first-year budget.
  • Establish the assessment formula for the expanded district.
  • Prepare for engagement and draft the amended District Plan.
  • A Finalized Statement of Support is approved by the Steering Committee and the City’s Small Business Services agency. 

Phase 2: Outreach - Began July 2019

After finalizing the District Plan, the Steering Committee begins to conduct outreach to both inform the public and build support for the BID. Outreach will consist of official mailings to all stakeholders in the proposed expansion area, as well as a series of public meetings.  If there is enough strong support and the Steering Committee decides to move forward, we will then move into the legislative process.

Phase 3: Legislative Authorization - Fall 2020

  • Creating or expanding a BID requires approval from the City Council. The proposed District Plan is reviewed by a number of government agencies and local elected officials before going to the City Council for approval.
  • After reviewing the outreach and planning activities described in Phases 1 and 2, the City Council holds public hearings. Following those hearings, the Council will vote on legislation to expand the BID. If the Council approves the legislation, it will then be signed into law by the Mayor. 

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Quick Stats


overall approval rating in 2019 Annual Survey


sanitation service hours provided in FY 2019


trash bags collected in FY19


graffiti removals in FY 2019


of 2018 survey respondents found the BID to be "safer" or "as safe as" most Manhattan neighborhoods


encounters with homeless individuals to offer services in FY19


social media followers across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook


tree pits planted & maintained


hanging flower baskets


price per square foot for Commercial A+B Office Space in Q4 2019, compared to Manhattan average of $64.10


neighborhood branded trash cans


individuals provided temporary shelter or permanent housing in FY19


community events hosted in FY19