BID Expansion

What services does the Partnership provide? 

Since our inception, the Partnership has engaged in a broad range of programs and services to enhance the district's quality of life. Our core programs include:


Our dedicated Clean Team crew works daily to remove litter, graffiti, bills and stickers and to paint and beautify the streetscape. 

Public Safety

Our Public Safety Officers work year-round and act as the eyes and ears of the neighborhood and report any unsafe street conditions or activity. They also act as ambassadors to the area and assist locals and visitors alike.

Homeless Outreach

The Partnership works with Urban Pathways, a non-profit social service organization to provide direct outreach and support to homeless in the area.

Streetscape & Beautification 

The Partnership's beautification efforts greatly enhance the streetscape of the neighborhood.  Our organization installed and continues to plant and maintain our tree pits, hanging flower baskets, and the Park Avenue South Malls. We also placed new energy-efficient light poles along 23rd Street and Broadway in close collaboration with our partners in city government. Additionally, the Partnership maintains the Flatiron Public Plazas north of and adjacent to the Flatiron Building, which have provided additional public space and amenities to the area for workers, residents, and visitors.  

Marketing & Programming 

For retail, restaurants, and other commercial tenants in the district, the Partnerhship provides access to a robust marketing program.  This includes:

·        Continually updated content on the Partnership website, providing promotion of commercial tenants through news articles, neighborhood guides, deals, events, and business listings. Our highly visible social media platforms shine a spotlight on notable neighborhood news and offerings. 

·       A weekly email newsletter reaching over 10,000 individuals that further highlights and promotes local businesses, neighborhood events, and other key initiatives.  

·       Free community events hosted by the Partnership throughout the year aimed at networking, information sharing, education, fitness, family, and fun for those who live, work, and visit the neighborhood. 

·       The Discover Flatiron Map, which is delivered to ground floor businesses, hotels, residential buildings, colleges and other institutions, and nearby high traffic tourism destinations. Approximately 75,000 maps are distributed annually.  

·        Cohesive district branding via seasonal banners, shade umbrellas, tree guards, and other branded components of streetscape beautification cultivate the perception of the Flatiron/Nomad area as a consumer destination.  

District Advocacy

The Partnership is able to act as a liaison with community boards and city government on issues impacting the neighborhood.    


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Quick Stats


overall approval rating in 2019 Annual Survey


sanitation service hours provided in FY 2019


trash bags collected in FY19


graffiti removals in FY 2019


of 2018 survey respondents found the BID to be "safer" or "as safe as" most Manhattan neighborhoods


encounters with homeless individuals to offer services in FY19


social media followers across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook


tree pits planted & maintained


hanging flower baskets


price per square foot for Commercial A+B Office Space in Q4 2019, compared to Manhattan average of $64.10


neighborhood branded trash cans


individuals provided temporary shelter or permanent housing in FY19


community events hosted in FY19