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Voice Your Ideas for Small Businesses - Regulatory Climate Improvement at Small Business First

Small Business First is a new initiative led by the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) and the Mayor's Office of Operations in coordination with multiple City agencies to improve the regulatory climate for the business community in New York City.

The initiative builds upon previous reforms and seeks to make changes that will assist businesses by:

  • Providing better information about government requirements and how to comply
  • Simplifying rules and compliance processes to reduce violations
  • Ensuring enforcement focuses on promoting compliance through education and flexibility
  • Easing the process for correction and adjudication of violations
  • Delivering improved services to immigrant and low-/moderate-income entrepreneurs and outer-borough businesses

Mayor de Blasio has directed SBS and Operations to develop recommendations to achieve these goals by working with City agencies and soliciting feedback from the public.

Join this very important conversation on how the City can improve the regulatory climate for small businesses. Your ideas can influence how the City can make it easier for small businesses to start and grow. Tweet your idea using #SmallBizFirst or complete the submission form by clicking here.


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