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Gregg Schenker Honored at Mad. Sq. Award Breakfast

In the early morning of February 4th, the Madison Square Park Conservancy honored the BID’s distinguished Chairman of the Board, Gregg Schenker of ABS Partners, at the annual Mad. Sq. Award Breakfast.  Gregg has been a leader in the community around the park as a Founding Member and long-standing Chairman of the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership BID and ardent supporter of the park for years. 

Stakeholders from throughout the neighborhood joined David Berliner, Chairman of the Conservancy’s Board of Directors, and Event Co-Chairs Andrew Federbusch of Credit Suisse, Robert Gladstone of Madison Equities, Robert Lapidus of L&L Holding, and Scott Alper of The Witkoff Group to honor Gregg’s commitment to the neighborhood. 

In his thoughtful remarks, Gregg recalled 25 years of continuous effort to enhance the park and transform it into what it is today - a vital community amenity programmed with art, entertainment, food, and music for year-round enjoyment.  Gregg emphasized that as the park flourished, so did the surrounding neighborhood, with new buildings emerging around the park and older buildings being renovated.  The park, along with the surrounding neighborhood, has become a place where people come to live, work, play, and learn.  He went on to say that parks are vitally important to communities, offering a green oasis amid our concrete city - a place to stop and rest on a park bench, sit on a lawn, view an art installation, listen to music, enjoy lunch, and meet friends.   

What a wonderful honor for someone who has been so dedicated to the BID, the park, and the entire neighborhood for so many years.  Congratulations, Gregg!

Images by Dario Cantatore, courtesy of Madison Square Park Conservancy. 



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