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BID Program Spotlight: Spring Plantings

The BID's Clean Team has been hard at work getting the neighborhood back in shape after a rough winter, and now, with consistent warmer temperatures in the forecast, the BID's landscaping firm, A. Bulfamante Landscaping, has planted thousands of flowers to bring happy pops of color to the district. 

Beginning in late March, the team planted pansies, daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths in the BID's 148 planters in the Flatiron Public Plazas along Broadway and Fifth Avenue from 21st Street to 24th Street. In April, the the team went to work on the tree pits and hanging baskets, filling the BID's 164 tree pits with purple pansies and 38 hanging baskets with daffodils.

You may have already noticed pansies and daffodils along the Park Avenue South median malls, from 21st Street to 28th Street, and as the weather continues to warm up, you will also see tulips bloom there. The tulips were planted as bulbs late last fall - a total of 2,800 bulbs! 

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To learn more about the BID's Streetscape and Public Improvement programs, click here

Happy spring!


Happy Friday! 🤸‍♀️
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Happy Friday! 🤸‍♀️ 📸: @raven_newyork
1 day ago