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Natural Gourmet Institute for Food & Health - B Corp Certified!

Founded in 1977 and located in the Flatiron District at 48 West 21st Street since 1987, the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food & Health (NGI) is a "leader in health-supportive culinary education," says Anthony J. Fassio (pictured at right), CEO of NGI, and upping their game in authenticity and accountability, last month, the Institute celebrated their B Corporation (B Corp) certification.


B Corp certification is a third party audit process that validates that a company holds itself to a higher standard of transparency, accountability, and performance than typical businesses, according to Fassio. Receiving the certificate was the go-to direction for NGI, he says, because the Institute has been "dedicated to good business since its inception. It was important for us to validate that our core values are indeed authentic. 'Green washing' is really prevalent right now, so it is important to have an independent firm vet and affirm that a business is living up to its claims."


NGI celebrated their B Corp certification with an event attended by local farmers and current culinary students, among others, who dined on food prepared under the leadership of Institute Chef-Instructor Hideyo Yamada. Attendee Dr. Mitchell Davis, Executive Vice President at the James Beard Foundation, noted about the event, "It's a pleasure to be able celebrate this milestone and future of such an important institution."


Approximately 170 students are enrolled in a variety of programs at the two-floor, 8,100 square foot property. "Our interdisciplinary curriculum looks at the culinary arts through a health-supportive lens and focuses on whole, fresh, local, seasonal, and balanced foods," explains Fassio about NGI's business model.


For Fassio, who became NGI's CEO last July, this year will be one of significant growth for the Institute. "Like never before, we are teaching a unique curriculum, which balances culinary arts and a holistic health approach to food," he says about "an organization full of talented and passionate professionals who drive success, leadership, and innovation at the school and in the greater food and health industries."


Adds Fassio, "We will also expand our alumni association, bring new courses to our repertoire, and increase our local ingredient purchasing while working to build and nurture a supportive partner network, which includes our neighbors in the Flatiron Business District."



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Happy Friday! 🤸‍♀️ 📸: @raven_newyork
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