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Unlocking Potential: Empowering New York City's Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Are you an immigrant business owner or entrepreneur? 

On June 11, SBS Commissioner Maria Torres-Springer announced the release of Unlocking Potential: Empowering New York City's Immigrant Entrepreneurs – a report highlighting the economic impact of immigrant entrepreneurs in New York City, and the steps this administration is taking to better serve diverse communities throughout our City.

The City of New York is offering free business education in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Haitian Creole, Arabic, and Bengali. You can take courses on topics such as business planning and operations, financing and accounting, and marketing. For more information, and to register for an upcoming free business course, visit


Happy Friday! 🤸‍♀️
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Happy Friday! 🤸‍♀️ 📸: @raven_newyork
4 days ago