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Use 311 for Info and Issue Reporting

This month, some of the top queries to 311 include requests for information about NYC's public school calendar and Pope Francis' visit at the end of September. Did you know that you can not only garner information about NYC services or regulations via 311, but you can also report a diverse assortment of quality of life issues as well?

Last month, DNAinfo published an article comparing the number of calls to 311 about homelessness over the last three years. The data pulled from the city's open data set shows how individual calls to 311 are an important part of the bigger picture of trends across the city.

You can also report other things, such as potholes, pay a parking ticket, or request a street tree. It has never been easier to access 311 - call from a phone, via the website or download the 311 mobile app for your smartphone here


4 hrs ago