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Flatiron: Where Then Meets Now Report & Real Estate Forum Event Recap

This morning the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership Business Improvement District (BID) held its annual real estate forum and broker breakfast and issued its fifth "Flatiron: Where Then Meets Now" report which showcases significant development and growth in the district.

In referencing the report’s findings, Jennifer Brown, the BID’s Executive Director said, “Flatiron continues to grow and flourish in the 21st century, attract greater numbers of people who are establishing roots here, and is home to a diverse and prospering array of businesses. Over the last nine years, we have experienced profound changes for the better. The neighborhood of today is one with a reputation for cutting-edge technology, homegrown talent, and diversified industries.”

The event, held at Almond Restaurant and attended by 50 real estate professionals, featured a panel discussion on “The Synergies of Real Estate and Coworking Culture” that was moderated by Holly Dutton, reporter for Real Estate Weekly. The panel was comprised of: Terri Keogh, President, Castro Properties; Grant Greenspan, Principal, Kaufman Organization; Andy Smith, Director of Marketing, Operations, and Creative, The Yard; and, Adam Hanina, Chief Executive Officer, AiCure.

The panelists discussed the interface between the real estate community and coworking spaces. Ms. Keogh and Mr. Greenspan provided the perspective of commercial property owners; Mr. Smith spoke to the membership and growth strategy for The Yard; and Mr. Hanina offered insight into the experiences of a startup navigating the process of scaling up from a one man, one desk operation to signing a lease for office space.

In speaking about The Yard’s philosophy, Mr. Smith said, "with coworking spaces, it really comes down to hospitality. We're connected with our members and everyone in the community."

With the Flatiron District as the focus of the event, the panelists weighed in on the neighborhood as a whole.

"There's such a good mix in our district – it's so old New York, but now it has a new feel with all the technology that's coming in," said Terri Keogh, President, Castro Properties. "From an owner's perspective, I couldn’t think of another place I'd like to have one building in Manhattan."

"Other neighborhoods are trying to create the same spaces that we have here," said Grant Greenspan, Principal, Kaufman Organization.

"I'm a Brit, and when it comes to Manhattan, Flatiron has a really nice blend of a village feel and something that's extremely centrally located and convenient," said Adam Hanina, Chief Executive Officer, AiCure.

To download the full report, click here.


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