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Press Release: Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership Celebrates 10 Years of Partnerships at Annual Meeting on June 7th

The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership Business Improvement District (BID) celebrated a decade of partnerships, progress and promise at its 10th Annual Meeting on Tuesday June 7th.

At the event, held at the Grey Group overlooking the BID’s twin Public Plazas that anchor many of its activities, close to 200 people – from small business owners to major property owners to residents - gathered to applaud the considerable changes that have transformed the neighborhood since 2006.

“The neighborhood of today is a model of progress and growth, a desirable mixed use community, brimming with commercial activity, residents, visitors from around the world, cultural amenities, and promise,” said Jennifer Brown, the BID’s Executive Director since its inception.

“This is the result of years of hard work, and many, many individuals,” she said, reflecting on the origins of the BID’s creation. “Our mission, in many ways, was simple: to provide a clean, safe and welcoming environment for those who work in, live in and visit the district, to beatify it, and to market and promote the diverse business and cultural attractions of the area.”

Since those early days, the BID has led a transformation of the neighborhood into a hub of technology, advertising, media and information, and a destination with world-class dining, robust retail options, appealing cultural venues, and vibrant residential life.

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Image of 2016 Annual Meeting via Angelito Jusay Photography.


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Clocktower spring blooms 🌸✨ 📸: @mkvisuals_ig
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