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Speaker Series Recap: NYPD SHIELD Active Shooter Incident Recap

On Friday, September 30th, the NYPD SHIELD presented their “Active Shooter Incident Training” at ilili Restaurant, as part of the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership’s Intersections Speaker Series. Approximately 55 attendees were present for the breakfast event led by Police Officer Christopher Mazzey from the NYPD’s Counterterrorism Division. NYPD SHIELD is an umbrella program for a series of current and future Police Department initiatives that pertain to private sector security and counterterrorism. It is a public private partnership based on information sharing.

In the event’s opening remarks, BID Executive Director Jennifer Brown said, "This is something we obviously wish we didn't have to do or feel is necessary, but in light of recent events, and in particular the Pulse nightclub shooting earlier this year, we felt this was something the BID can and should offer for our constituents." The event was held at ilili Restaurant after the owners, Alex Massoud and Philippe Massoud, had proactively reached out to the BID to inquire about educational resources and trainings for business owners.

PO Mazzey focused on procedures, systems and training, recommending that offices perform vulnerability assessments; institute "violence in the workplace" procedures and conduct active shooter drills; and, designate safe rooms with thick walls, solid doors and few windows. Other recommendations included the installation of closed-circuit television cameras (CCTVs), and access control technologies (such as key pads, key cards, biometric scanners, duress alarms, and electronic messages and alerts).

The NYPD’s Active Shooter guide is available online. For registered NYPD SHIELD members, Active Shooter Incident Trainings are available for groups of 15 or larger. Registration for the NYPD SHIELD is free and also includes open source media e-mail alerts.


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