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Local Transportation Update

Flatiron's local transportation options are seeing some changes this month.

Select Bus Service

On Sunday, November 6th, Select Bus Service (SBS) began on the M23 bus route. This bus corridor serves nearly 13,000 weekday riders, connects residential and commercial neighborhoods, as well as provides connections to subway stations along 23rd Street.

The new improvement brings faster and more reliable service to the M23 through dedicated bus lanes, off-board fare payment, and real time bus arrival information. To board the M23 SBS, you need to pay your fare at a fare machine before boarding. Two machines accept MetroCards, and one machine accepts coins. After paying, you receive a ticket as proof of purchase, which you must keep for the duration of your trip, but you do not need to show your ticket to the bus driver.  After paying, you can board the bus through any door.

For more information about the M23 SBS and stops, click here.

To view bus time for the M23 SBS, click here

New Subway Service

On Monday, November 7th, the W subway line returned to Broadway, making local stops in Manhattan on weekdays, including 23rd Street and 28th Street. The N train runs express on weekdays, skipping 23rd Street and 28th Street, but runs local during late nights and on weekends. The R train continues to operate from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily, stopping at local stops, including 23rd Street and 28th Street.

For more information about the subway service change, click here.

To view the map of new N, Q, R, and W service, click here.


Clocktower spring blooms 🌸✨
📸:  <a target="_blank" href="">@mkvisuals_ig</a>
Clocktower spring blooms 🌸✨ 📸: @mkvisuals_ig
3 days ago