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Mark Your Calendars for This Year's Tech Tuesday Line-Up (June 20-August 8)

Since 2012, the BID has offered tech education classes to the public in the warm-weather months. On Tuesday evenings from June 20th through August 8th, in partnership with General Assembly, classes will be held on the South Public Plaza (Broadway between 22nd and 23rd Streets). 

This year, instructors hail from the following local institutions and businesses: General Assembly, Baruch College Division of Continuing and Professional Studies, ThoughtMatter, and Touro Graduate School of Technology

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Content Marketing & SEO with Baruch College - Continuing and Professional Studies

Renowned Industry Expert, Lavall Chichister, Head of Search and Content Marketing at Lowe Profero and Instructor at Baruch College’s Division of Continuing & Professional Studies will lead an engaging conversation on how to evolve your career and business in the digital marketing landscape!  Join us at the Flatiron Plaza to learn essential tips and tricks to research, develop, and optimize your content for SEO. Examples and tools discussed will help you increase web traffic for Google, Bing, YouTube, Pinterest and other popular platforms for maximum impact.

Instructor: Lavall Chichister

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Storytelling As a Branding Tool with ThoughtMatter

The best and most successful brands often tell the greatest stories. A well-formed and self-aware brand narrative can help elevate an organization, connect it with its audience and build consumer and client trust. This discussion explores the ways storytelling – when done with insight, authenticity, and care – can benefit any brand and drive its success.

Instructor: Scott Muska and Katie Williams

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Coding 101 with General Assembly

Step into the world of development with General Assembly.  During our introductory workshop, explore the building blocks of the web- HTML and CSS- and learn how you can apply these programming languages to develop your own simple sites. By writing your own lines of code, you’ll:

  • Get a closer look at how the developer community and many different fields benefit from coding knowledge.
  • Learn how HTML and CSS function together to form the backbone of the web.
  • Cover key coding terms and principles.

General Assembly asks that participants bring their own laptop to this class. 

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

UX Design 101 with General Assembly

Learn more about user experienced design with General Assembly.  During our introductory workshop, explore the decision-making process that dictates how users interact with digital products and see why businesses of all stripes have put out the call for UX talent. Plus:

  • Learn what the world of UX design encompasses and why it matters
  • Touch on fundamental tools and techniques used by professional designers.
  • Discover resources to continue learning about UX. 

General Assembly asks that participants bring their own laptop to this class. 

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Digital Marketing 101 with General Assembly 

Join General Assembly as they discuss digital marketing.  During our introductory workshop, explore the components of brand building and see how modern marketers drive successful campaigns using content, email, social media, paid advertising channels, and more. Using real-world case studies, you’ll:

  • Break down the components of a digital marketing campaign.
  • Survey today’s digital marketing landscape and its career opportunities.
  • Learn to approach a marketing campaign by identifying your objectives first. 

Instructors: Jon Chang

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kickstart Your Project with ThoughtMatter

Crowdfunding isn't just about funds - you need a crowd. This discussion will cover the basics of setting up and promoting a successful Kickstarter campaign. We will talk about finding your audience, creating enticing rewards and knowing when to hit the 'launch' button.

Instructor: Martha Kirby

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How to Launch Your New Website Idea with Touro College Graduate School of Technology

Want a killer website, but unsure where to start? How do you create a logo and website if you are not a web designer or developer? Coming up with a good idea is a lot of work, but making your website a reality is easier than you think. Join Touro College Graduate School of Technology for this workshop and find out.

Instructor: Renata Rocha

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