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BID Program Spotlight: The Team Keeping Flatiron Clean

Over the last decade, the Flatiron District has become an increasingly popular destination for restaurants, creative industries, residential development, and public space. The desirability of this neighborhood is second to none. With all of these exciting things going on, some might not put sanitation services near the top of the list of buzz-worthy activities. However, over the last eight years, the BID’s Clean Team has played an instrumental role in making the Flatiron District what it is today.

Armed with brooms and trash receptacles on wheels, the BID’s sanitation team navigates the district seven days a week. On a peak summer day, a team of twenty work to keep the sidewalks free of litter to the best of their ability. The cleaners bag trash before cans overflow, and set it out for pickup by the NYC Department of Sanitation. Not even snow is able to slow them down. During winter months, the cleaners are routinely seen shoveling walkways, spreading ice melt, and sweeping leg-swallowing slush out of intersections for the benefit of all walkers. During warmer months, the Clean Team ensures that the Public Plazas are meticulously maintained for all to enjoy; each morning, members of the team put out the tables and chairs and "open" the plazas. In the evening, the Clean Team secures the furniture.

The Clean Team’s repertoire goes beyond just maintaining sidewalk conditions. On a daily basis, certain crew members are tasked with painting various street fixtures such as tree guards, light poles, and mailboxes, and remove any stickers or illegal postings. The BID also employs a special maintenance unit, which ventures out into the neighborhood once a week to power wash planters and remove graffiti.

As cleanliness has become the norm in the Flatiron District, it’s good to appreciate the part played by the BID’s Clean Team. The crew will continue to work hard year-round, sweeping away litter, shoveling snow, removing graffiti, and doing the little things to make this neighborhood a better and more attractive place to live, work, and visit. The Clean Team is supervised by the BID’s Director of Operations, Scott Kimmins, and the workers are contracted through Streetplus. 


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Prettiest of storefronts. 🌸 The family-operated flower shop @bloomingaffairshas been in business for 20+ years! 📍Blooming Affairs 925 Broadway, between 21st & 22nd Streets 📸: @alwayswanderlusting
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