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DCA – Small Business Relief Package

On July 9, 2014 the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Commissioner Julie Menin announced the implementation of the business relief package with reforms that will aid New York City’s small businesses.

The reforms, implemented as of July 1, fulfill Mayor Bill de Blasio’s commitment to reduce onerous fines on small businesses. The reforms will also create an easier environment for businesses to operate in New York City by reducing the number of costs and fines, increasing transparency and fairness, and expanding business education. Such improvements include posting online the 41 checklists that inspectors use to conduct patrol inspections.

DCA expects to meet the Mayor's fine reduction goal of 21 percent, or approximately $5 million, while making it easier for small businesses to learn about their regulatory responsibilities and to interact with DCA.

Key reforms include:

Reforms designed to reduce the number of costs and fines.

  • Reduced number of violations
  • Reduced settlement amounts
  • Curable violations
  • Issuing warnings

Reforms designed to increase transparency and fairness.

  • Inspection checklists
  • Inspections in preferred languages
  • New online routing tool

Reforms designed to increase business education.

  • Open houses and community outreach
  • “Ask an inspector”
  • Laws and rules alerts
  • Legal ombudsman
  • Business education days

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