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New Neighbor: Poster House

The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership is excited to welcome Poster House, the first museum dedicated to posters in the United States, to the District. Poster House's mission is to showcase posters from all over the world, from their origins in the 1860s to present day use. The museum will host exhibitions and events surrounding the history, design, and cultural context of posters. 

"The Flatiron District is ideal for Poster House because this is a community of designers, fabricators, tech professionals, and art appreciators--a perfect audience for Poster House," says Museum Director, Julia Knight. "We love being in the center of the city, right in the mix of daily life, since that's what posters speak to. This is a vibrant corridor between Flatiron and Chelsea, and we have been pulling people off the street who have been watching our progress for months!"

Designing Through The Wall: Cyan in the 1990s

Posters explore mass communication and persuasion, the intersection of art and commerce, and the public domain. From the Industrial Revolution to now, posters have been utilized to reflect and shape societal trends as they compete for public attention and interest. Designed to persuade and inform the public, the viewer experiences a combination of image and text. 

Poster House derives its mission from the origin of the medium, aiming to entertain and educate its audiences. As the very first museum in the United States dedicated to the global history of posters, Poster House will host exhibition galleries for temporary shows, educational programming for schools and families, and a living archive of contemporary posters. Inside Poster House's 15,000 square foot, two-level space, there are 3 gallery spaces, an Education Workshop, a permanent Kid's Exhibit, a photo booth, a design game, a cafe, and a gift shop. 

Interactive Kids Exhibition

Poster House has a three-step curatorial approach designed to fulfill the goals of its mission. First, to demonstrate the medium's depth, Poster House will be exhibiting posters from a global perspective including all time-frames and all countries or regions. Second, Poster House will utilize exhibition design to visually call attention to important details of the work. Third, Poster House will develop exhibitions that celebrate familiar posters as well as present new subjects for consideration.

Poster House will feature temporary rotating exhibitions, with a mandate to feature at least 1 non-western and 1 female-focused exhibition every season. While Poster House does have a permanent collection of over 7,000 posters, it is not on view in the museum. However, Poster House collects for upcoming programming as well as for their Living Archive that houses contemporary poster campaigns from more than 115 countries.

There are two temporary exhibits currently on display at Poster House. The first, Alphonse Mucha: Art Nouveau/Nouvelle Femme, is located in the main gallery space and focuses on one of the most famous poster artists of all time. The second, Designing Through The Wall: Cyan in the 1990s, is the opening "Jewel Box" exhibition and will show the early work of the East German design group. The permanent interactive installations are the Photo Booth, Design Game, Digital Poster Wall, and Kids Exhibition. 

Poster House is open 11 am - 6 pm every day except Tuesday when they are closed to the public. 

Admission is $12 per adult, $8 per student or senior, and free admission for kids 18 and under. (Admission is $8 for individuals with disabilities, including free admission for 1 accompanying care partner.)

Poster House, 119 West 23rd Street, between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue, (917) 722-2439

 Photo Credit: Stephanie Powell 





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LINK IN BIO for a full list of events. ⬆️
The @itatradeagencywith @madisonavebid, @grandcentralpartnership,& @flatironnyis pleased to present Italy on Madison, a week-long celebration from May 18-25 of Italian brands and culinary culture. 🇮🇹🍝 Participating businesses from Flatiron & NoMad include: @taralluccinyc @poliform_official @eatalyflatiron @natuzzi @bebitalia @lapecorabianca LINK IN BIO for a full list of events. ⬆️
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