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SeatGeek Moves into Flatiron Headquarters

Last year, SeatGeek announced that the company would soon call Flatiron home. The fan-focused ticket seller and reseller relocated from its previous NoHo office to a 72,800 square foot space at 902 Broadway, more than doubling its size. SeatGeek is a leading mobile ticket platform that enables fans to buy and sell tickets for sports, concerts, and live theater. Headquartered in Flatiron as of this month, SeatGeek also has offices in the U.K., Israel, the Netherlands, and Italy. 

SeakGeek will occupy the eighth through eleventh floors of the 20-story building. The SeatGeek team sought updated office space to provide a home-away-from-home environment for its 250 employees. The sleek and modern space is open-form and features stadium seating, state-of-the-art conference rooms, lecture space, and custom stairwell murals.

Creativity peaks in SeatGeek's photo rooms, officially called #RetroRooms, and elicit nostalgia for the late '90s when Gateway desktops, Napster, Dunkaroos, and Backstreet Boys were all the rage. The staged bedrooms serve as an element of whimsy and were inspired by fans of live events where office visitors can take photos. 


SeatGeek's Director of Office Operations, Marta Zaharoff, shares some intel on the relocation and transformation since its creation ten years ago, and how SeatGeeks stands out in today's competitive market. 

SeatGeek is a leading mobile ticket events platform. Tell us about the company’s decision to relocate its headquarters to the Flatiron District, a move that you’ve described as a way of “giving our employees an office where they can continue to thrive.” Also, what do you love about Flatiron?

From the very early days SeatGeek has been built in NYC, and we’re very proud of that fact. It was important to us that we continue to grow our roots in an area that we know will provide a dynamic experience for our team, from the culture, to the lifestyle, to the talent. The Flatiron District is the best neighborhood for an office in NYC - it has character, history, parks, and bars and restaurants all within walking distance. It’s also easily accessible by the majority of subway lines, plus NJ Transit, LIRR and Metro-North, so it’s convenient for everyone.

Can you share with us how SeatGeek manages to maintain its edge in today’s ticket-selling market?

At SeatGeek, we’re focused on our customers - the fans of live events. We are proud to be the fan-first ticketing brand in the space. We aim to provide more than just a ticket to a live event, giving fans an overall superior experience from the moment they buy their ticket to the encore.

The company celebrated its 10th anniversary in September. What has been the biggest transformation within the company since its debut? 

When we started, SeatGeek was simply a ticket search engine to help customers find the best deal. In the last few years, we broke into primary ticketing to directly compete with the biggest names in the space and became primary ticket partners for several sports teams including some of the biggest in the world like the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, and Manchester City.

You've been with SeatGeek since April 2018. You’re also a former English teacher who holds an MBA from Columbia Business School. What aspect of your role at SeatGeek do you find most rewarding?

I love creating experiences that inspire people, so building this office has certainly been among the most rewarding things I’ve done at SeatGeek. Through this process, I’ve had the chance to work with a diverse team both within and outside of SeatGeek, and learn about the world of real estate - from commercial leases to interior design to mechanical engineering. I’m excited for the entire company to experience the space and can’t wait to see the brilliant things the SeatGeek team will build here.

To date, what have been some of the most popular ticket-selling events offered by SeatGeek?

Many of the biggest live events are annual - we always see a ton of demand for the Super Bowl every year. Other hot events we’ve seen are tours for huge artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, and Taylor Swift.

SeatGeek speaks to a wider trend of Flation's growing Technology, Advertising, Media, and Information (TAMI) sector. We're excited to have the team join the neighborhood. 


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