Apr 30, 2021

New Neighbor: Project Gaia

The Flatiron Partnership is thrilled to welcome Project GaiaMasion De Paillion's latest initiative for a multi-brand concept store showcasing global, innovative, and sustainable products. Located at 57 West 21st Street, the shop provides a full sensory shopping experience featuring 20+ lifestyle, beauty, home, and apparel brands from emerging artists and designers.

"Flatiron is an iconic neighborhood. ...We wanted to be central and in a neighborhood which will appreciate an experiential concept store where art meets sustainable living," co-founders Danielle Salinas and Shriya Bisht-Misra said.

Pictured: Co-Founders Danielle Salinas and Shriya Bisht-Misra

Project Gaia serves as a platform for up-and-coming artists and designers that share the same ethos of philanthropic pursuits, sustainable design, and innovation. The intentionally curated space offers a range of products such as men's and women's apparel, accessories, footwearhome, and beauty products. With Mother's Day coming around the corner, the shop has a dedicated Mother's Day Edit as well. The store has featured artisans and brands that create innovative and sustainable designs where art and fashion meet, and customers can #ShopWithPurpose.

Featured brands at Project Gaia include Wonderland Home listed as The Best Scented Candles to Shop by CNN, Deepa Gurnani, a handmade Indian luxury jewelry brand, lifestyle clothing brand The Messi Store inspired by Argentine footballer Lionel Messi, and art pieces by Bradley Theodore whose work was described by GQ Magazine as “chromatic thunderstorms- at once exhilarating, incontrovertibly powerful and ever so slightly chilling.” The store is a unique and exciting collaborative. 

Project Gaia is open daily from 11 am to 6 pm. You can also shop online here

Project Gaia, 57 West 21st Street (Between Sixth and Fifth Avenue), (917) 639-3958, @projectgaianyc

Photo Credits: Project Gaia

Apr 23, 2021

New Neighbor: Krispy Kreme

We are excited to welcome Krispy Kreme, the world-famous donut shop to the neighborhood at 36 East 23rd Street. The Flatiron location features Krispy Kreme’s beloved 'Hot Now' light signaling to fans that fresh, hot doughnuts are ready for the taking. The shop offers a full doughnut menu, hot and cold beverages, and Krispy Kreme's iconic Original Glazed® Doughnuts.

“As we head into 2021, our goal is to continue to deliver the freshest doughnut experience to New Yorkers,” said Christine Kobrynich, Director of Operations, New York, at Krispy Kreme. “We’re thrilled to welcome a brand-new shop to Flatiron, a neighborhood that holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and tourists alike. I can’t wait to meet our new neighbors as we open this shop on East 23rd Street.”

Photo Credit: Google Maps / Carlos A. Gallo 

The beverage menu consists of a variety of hot, iced, and frozen gourmet coffees, lattes, and chillers. Original Glazed®, Oreo, Mocha, and Caramel are just some of the drink flavors available. The doughnut menu includes a wide selection including classic flavors like Chocolate Iced Glazed, Reeses, and Glazed Rasberry Filled plus rotating seasonal flavors. Past flavors include Lemon Bar, Salted Double Caramel Crunch, and themed doughnut packs for nearly every holiday. Furthermore, the Krispy Kreme Flatiron shop has proudly created 24 new jobs with team members and managers.

krispy kreme 2
Photo Credit: Google Maps / Brittany Holland

Krispy Kreme Flatiron is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm. Pick-up and delivery are available.

Krispy Kreme, 36 East 23rd Street between Park and Fifth Avenue, (800) 457-4779, @krispykreme

Header Photo Credit: Google Maps / Carlos A. Gallo
Thumbnail & Slider Photo Credit: Krispy Kreme


Apr 14, 2021

New Neighbor: Dippin’ Dots and Doc Popcorn

The Flatiron Partnership is thrilled to welcome Dippin' Dots and Doc Popcorn's flagship store to the neighborhood at One Madison Avenue (24 East 23rd Street), the brand's first-ever NYC location. Dippin' Dots and Doc Popcorn serve everyone's favorite nostalgic treats with sweet, savory, creamy, and crunchy varieties.  

"This store is as much about the experience as it is about the product. Many great food businesses have been born here on Madison Square Park, and I'm so excited to join the neighborhood with the flagship Dippin' Dots and Doc Popcorn stand-alone store. Flatiron is a convenient central location with tons of activities that merge locals, tourists, and commuters every day. I was able to negotiate an amazing space on the southwest corner of the park under one of the most sought-out condos in NYC. I myself couldn't imagine a better way to end a night than to grab some dots and popcorn and walk through Madison Square Park with friends," says Neil Hershman, owner of the Dippin' Dots & Doc Popcorn store.

nyc photo

Dippin' Dots' beaded ice cream was created in 1988 in Paducah, Kentucky. Since then, the flash-frozen beads of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet, and flavored ice became available in all 50 states and seven countries. The Flatiron store offers over a dozen classic flavors including Dippin' Dots' famous Rainbow Ice and Banana Split flavors.

dippin' dots product set

Doc Popcorn got its start in Boulder, Colorado in 2009 with high-quality ingredients and fresh-popped specialty flavors. The store offers seven delicious flavors including crowd-favorites: Better Butter and Caramel Bliss.


“Dippin’ Dots is one of the most recognizable brands in the dessert space, and yet one of the hardest to find. I’m hoping to change that, and bring thousands of New Yorkers back to their happiest childhood memories by serving the most unique and delicious frozen treat ever!” added Hershman. “I’m so excited to co-brand this location with Doc Popcorn, and can’t wait to share the delicious fresh-popped kettle-cooked snack with my fellow New Yorkers.”

Dippin' Dots and Doc Popcorn NYC store is open daily from 11 am to 10 pm. 

Dippin' Dots and Doc Popcorn, One Madison Avenue (24 East 23rd Street), (646) 669-7989, @dippindotsnyc

Header & Slider Photo Credit: Scott Lynch via Gothamist
In-article photo Credit: Dippin' Dots and Doc Popcorn

Apr 2, 2021

New Neighbor: Nuts Factory

We are excited to welcome Nuts Factory to the neighborhood at 700 Sixth Avenue between West 22nd Street and 23rd Street, the brand's second location in New York City. The third generation family-owned business started with their grandfather's invention of "on the spot roasting machines" that attracted customers wanting to see how the house-made treats were made. Since then, Nuts Factory has grown to sell not only freshly roasted nuts, but also dried fruits, spices, chocolates, tea infusions, coffee, and more. 

"Our main goal is to bring the market experience to the neighborhood so people can enjoy our high-quality fresh products along with an amazing shopping experience. We chose Flatiron because we realize the consumers around here lead a healthy lifestyle and we would like to contribute to that hence the reason why our nuts are all oil-free," says Manager, Travis Ramgobin. 


Nuts Factory touts a motto of “Eat good feel good” because they believe that feeling good is what it’s all about. They support American farmers and buy many of their nuts and fruits locally. At the shop, you can browse a wide selection of nuts & seeds, dried fruits, granola, halva, chocolates, gummies, & other candies, spices, sauces & legumes, coffee & tea infusians from around the world, and gift boxes. Some crowd-favorites include their flavored nuts (Spicy, BBQ, and Sweet and Sour Cashews) and candied nuts (Pretzel Pecans, Halva Almonds, and Lotus/Biscoff covered Pecans). 

There's also machines onsite to grind your own peanut and almond butter. And while you’re at Nuts Factory, indulge yourself in their perfectly blended and delicious gelato. You can also choose from a variety of smoothies and juices all made from fresh fruits and vegetables with no added sugar.  

The shop is offering a special Welcome Gift to the neighborhood — enjoy 25% off your purchase when you mention this article!
Nuts Factory is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm.

Nuts Factory, 700 Sixth Ave, Between 22nd and 23rd Streets, (917)-445-6556, @thenutsfactory

Photo Credit: Nuts Factory

Mar 12, 2021

New Neighbor: The FRIENDS™ Experience

The Flatiron Partnership is thrilled to welcome The FRIENDS™ Experience to the neighborhood. Located at 130 East 23rd St, this is the first flagship location in New York City offering two floors of immersive experiences including a merch store featuring unique collectibles.

Photo Credit: The FRIENDS™ Experience

Created by Warner Bros. and Superfly X, fans can re-enact all their favorite moments from the show in 18 different rooms. Each room is a recreation of the show with original props and costumes. Guests can hang out in Monica and Rachel's apartment, poke Ugly Naked Guy on the balcony, have a photo op in Joey and Chandler's comfy chairs, pose on the iconic orange couch, and explore newly added original props and costumes like Chandler's bunny suit and Rachel's famous cow jacket. 

Photo Credit: The FRIENDS™ Experience

The exhibition's Central Perk space functions as a real café where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and character-inspired baked goods, like Phoebe's grandmother's cookies. There's also a heated patio for you to enjoy your treats! The café is open daily starting at 7 am. 

After being immersed in the interactive sets, fans can shop at The FRIENDS™ Experience Store, which has exclusive products ranging from existing FRIENDS™ goods to brand new hand-selected designs. Fans have various options from women, men, kids, accessories, and home & lifestyle merchandise. You can browse best-sellers here

Photo Credit: The FRIENDS™ Experience

The FRIENDS™ Experience partners with Children’s Aid, an organization that provides tools and resources to children and families in underserved New York City neighborhoods. A portion of ticket proceeds are donated to the organization. 

The FRIENDS™ Experience is open Thursday through Sunday (operating hours here). The FRIENDS™ Experience has implemented safety and cleaning standards to ensure its "Monica Clean!" for guests.

For general admission tickets, click here. Peak and off-peak tickets are available. For private group access for 6 to 10 guests, click here.

The FRIENDS™ Experience, 130 East 23rd Street, Off Lexington Avenue, info@friendstheexperience.com, @friendstheexpereince

Header Credit: Totally The Bomb

Jan 19, 2021

New Neighbor: Mista Oh, Korean BBQ & Comfort Food

We are thrilled to welcome Mista Oha family-owned restaurant serving healthy Korean comfort food, to the neighborhood at 41 West 24th Street. When eating at Mista Oh, you can expect authentic Korean flavors and customer service that makes you feel like family. 
"Flatiron is our favorite part of the city. This was where friendship turned to romance for us. My husband, Dave, and I like to bring our dogs (Take and Nico) to the dog park. That's why we opened the restaurant here." Holly Oh Diamond, Owner.

The new restaurant serves and celebrates authentic Korean Barbecue and comfort food. The Oh Family is originally from Busan, South Korea. Mr. Oh (father) and Mista Oh (son) claim to “not be your celebrity chefs” but the care and attention put into the food may tell you otherwise. The veteran chefs have been working at various restaurants from West Coast to East Coast for over 15 years.

(Photo Credit: @girleatsnyc)

When the pandemic hit in early spring last year, like millions of hospitality workers, the father and son duo (Mr. and Mista Oh) deeply struggled to get by. That's when Holly (Mr. Oh's daughter) and her husband used savings to open a restaurant for their family instead of purchasing their first house. Holly insisted this was an easy decision as the couple asked themselves, "How comfortable would we be in a new house as our family suffers from the pandemic?"

The restaurant's menu features items like Bibimbap, fried chicken wings, Teriyaki Chicken, Grilled Pork Belly, and a variety of stews to warm up to this winter. Signature popular dishes include their Kimchi Fried Rice, Soy Garlic Chicken Wings, Seafood Rice Cakes, and Bulgogi (Thinly sliced marinated Ribeye) Kimchi Fries and Cheese Curds. Some specials to keep top of mind... when you dine at their heated and cozy outdoor dining cabin, you'll receive a complimentary egg souffle, and you can take advantage of their grab-and-go "CupBap" lunch special featuring your choice of protein paired with rice for just $9.99. Check out the full menu here

(Photo Credit: @girleatsnyc)

The Mista Oh team deeply cares about providing a pleasant dining experience and treating guests like their family. When recounting their experience since opening, the owners recalled the kind words from a number of their customers, calling many by name, and remembering their go-to orders. The restaurant's online reviews include many patrons commenting on how delicious, authentic, and fairly priced they found the large-portioned dishes. 

Grateful for all the support and encouragement the restaurant has received since opening, Holly shared, "Thank you for supporting local family-owned/ minority-owned businesses. Thank you for supporting local artists and retail workers. Flatiron is one of the most artistic, diverse, and creative places in the whole world. We need local supports more than ever."

Mista Oh is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 am to 9 pm, and Friday & Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm. Pick-up, delivery, and heated outdoor dining are available.

Mista Oh, 41 West 24th Street, 646-559-8858, @mistaoh_nyc
Jan 12, 2021

New Neighbor: Mark's Off Madison, Restaurant & Bagel Bakery

Warm welcome to Mark's Off Madison, a new restaurant and New York bagel bakery from celebrated Chef Mark Strausman that debuted in the neighborhood at 41 Madison Avenue. At Mark's, you'll find incredible seasonal creations and elevated NYC staples. Labeled as one of the "Top NYC Restaurant Newcomers of 2020" by Eater New York the restaurant is already making an impression. 
"The inspiration behind the restaurant is simple - it’s my third act. The menu reflects some of the greatest successes from my 30-year career, and I’m proud to be opening my first eponymous restaurant in Flatiron," says Chef Strausman.

An ode to his inimitable culinary career, Strausman is serving some of his greatest hits, plus plenty of new creations. The bakery features his Straussie’s Bagels dubbed “New York’s Best Bagel” by Serious Eats while he was the Chef at the iconic Freds in Barneys New York. Positioned as a "hand-rolled taste of Old New York," Straussie's Bagels are smaller, denser, and less pillowy than most bagels. The chewiness is part of what bagel purists love about Straussie's, as well as the flavor that comes from small batches with zero preservatives. Take a behind-the-scenes look at Chef Strausman's bagel-making process and watch his how-to video that's been viewed 700K+ times. An assortment cream cheeses and hand-selected smoked fishes are available.

Additionally, the bakery offers a variety of artisanal breads, cookies, pastries, and cakes. Popular sweets include morning buns, seasonal fruit muffins, and M.O.M’s signature coffee cake. Artisanal breads are baked daily, available by the loaf, and also used for house-made sandwiches like the Jewish Boy from Queens made with freshly-roasted turkey and homemade Rye and the Ciabatta Prime Rib French Dip Sandwich

For the restaurant, Chef Strausman is serving a menu that includes some of the most beloved dishes from his past endeavors. Highlights include his Belgian fries, Estelle’s Chicken Soup, his classic Lasagne Della Nonna meat lasagna, and The O.G. Madison Salad. Check out their full brunch and dinner menus. The restaurant also offers an extensive “Home Service” take-out and delivery menu, serving menu items specifically designed for the home dining experience and a catering component. 

A peek inside... Mark's 4,250 square foot restaurant space showcases the bakery and features an extensive (and heated) outdoor dining area. The relaxed, comfortable yet sophisticated atmosphere complements Strausman’s cooking style. An open bakery is the centerpiece of the eatery with a large steel and glass window allowing patrons to engage with the production process.

The. M.O.M. team has tailored the restaurant's layout and service to meet New York City’s health and safety guidelines. Safety measures include critically configured eating, touch-free systems for ordering and paying, single-use menus, and reduced table settings for minimal contact. Walk-ins will be accepted but reservations are preferred.

Mark's Off Madison is open for dinner service Tuesday through Saturday 5 pm to 10 pm, brunch service Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm, and the Bagel Counter opens at 9 am on the weekends. Heated outdoor dining, take-out, and delivery via GrubHub and Caviar are available.  

Mark's Off Madison, 41 Madison Avenue, Off the northeast corner of Madison Square Park, 646.838.8300, ​@marksoffmadison​.

Header Photo Credit: Joshua Bright for The New York Times
Thumbnail Photo Credit: Alex Staniloff

Nov 6, 2020

New Neighbor: SUTRA, A Plant-Based Rooftop Restaurant

We're excited to welcome SUTRA, a plant-based restaurant emphasizing innovative cuisine, to the on the top floor of Alo Yoga's new flagship store at 164 Fifth Avenue. The rooftop restaurant is a collaboration between the activewear brand and celebrity chef, author, and wellness entrepreneur, Matthew Kenney. At SUTRA vegans and non-vegans alike can enjoy a nourishing, vibrant meal in a fine-dining setting. 

“This restaurant is a dream come true. A hideaway in plain sight overlooking 5th Avenue, that serves fine-dining raw cuisine. I couldn’t imagine anything better,” says owner Matthew Kenney. “Many years ago, a psychic told me I would own a business with views of the Flatiron building in New York. When I stepped onto the rooftop patio at SUTRA, I knew it, this was the place.”

SUTRA's menu boasts elevated plant-based cuisine that nourishes your body without skimping out on flavor. Some satiating highlights include the simple but flavorful Pineapple Adobo Tacos with Avocado, Cabbage, Cilantro, and Crema; the healthy and vibrant Omega 3 Beet Poke with Wakame, Macadamia, Spinach, Crispy Rice, and Edamae; and the hearty Carrot + Zucchini Pasta with Sundried Tomato Marinara, Pistachio Pesto, and Ricotta. Check out their full menu

(Pictured: The well-loved Pineapple Adobo Tacos)

For your sweet tooth, SUTRA offers a handful of guilt-free dessert options like their innovative takes on pie and cheesecake. The Golden Milk Banana Cream Pie is made with Whipped Coconut Cream and a Spiced Cashew Crust. The kick of the spiced cashew paired with the coconut creates a dynamic flavor palette. The Cacao Cheesecake featuring a Raw Cacao Crust and Marinated Fig is every chocolate lovers' dream. And who doesn't love dessert when it's presented so elegantly?

(Pictured: The beautifully presented Cacao Cheesecake)

SUTRA's sunlit terrace and rooftop location serves as an escape from the busy city streets with its minimalistic and serene interior space. The chic and modern furnishings create the perfect atmosphere that makes the colorful dishes pop.

(Pictured: SUTRA's rooftop terrace)

At the intersection of wellness, yoga, and food, SUTRA serves up dishes that are not only refined and healthy, but also oh so delicious. The restaurant is currently open for lunch and will be adding breakfast, dinner, and a full bar in the coming weeks.

SUTRA is open Wednesday to Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm for pick-updelivery, and limited outdoor and indoor dining.

SUTRA, 164 Fifth Avenue, 347-462-0955, @sutra.mkc


Oct 23, 2020

New Neighbor: Milu, A Casual Chinese Restaurant Opens

If you're looking for a new dining spot that will please your taste in both food and aesthetics, look no further than Milu. Pronounced “mee-loo”, this new restaurant at 333 Park Avenue South focuses on cross-regional Chinese dishes influenced by family recipes and fine dining. Co-founded by chef Connie Chung and partners Vincent Chao and Milan Sekulic, the team of friends brings their experience from world-renowned Eleven Madison Park. 

“We’ve always loved the neighborhood since working here almost a decade ago at Eleven Madison Park. With Milu, we are excited to bring something new to the neighborhood while also staying in touch with the communities that we’ve come to love and rely on," said co-founder Vincent Chao. "We can’t wait to welcome you in person!”

At Milu — meaning “rice road” in Chinese — enjoy a welcoming atmosphere and a fresh take on comforting Chinese cuisine. Centered on affordable rice bowls, the menu highlights a wide range of ingredients and rich flavors. Rice bowl proteins include the hot and tender Yunnan Brisket with a "tremendous" sauce, the "showstopper" crispy delicious Mandarin Duck, and the flavorful, poached Ginger Scallion Salmon. While critics are raving for the crispy, fall-apart roast duck, the duck fat rice is equally delicious with its garlic, onion, and ginger seasoning. Pair your protein of choice with Pork & Fennel or Brocolli & Mushroom wontons dipped in chili soy & vinegar sauce, and vegetable sides like the Tofu Seaweed Salad or the Charred Broccoli with Cilantro and Yuzu. With endless combos, every pairing is the right pairing. Check out their full menu.

(Pictured: Much talked about Crispy Mandarin Duck Bowl)

Milu has your sweet tooth covered, too. Choose from two soft serve flavors: Milk Tea Soft Serve sprinkled with dark chocolate pearls, and Egg Tart Soft Serve topped with caramelized puff pastry. Milu also offers the Chinese dessert staple Pineapple Buns filled with vanilla custard and pineapple that's just the right amount of sweet. Lastly, the Chocolate Malt Cookies with malt buttercream are thin, delicate, and a perfect finish to your meal. Full of vegan, gluten free, and super spicy options, Milu's menu has something for everyone. Take a closer look at their beverage menu as well which boasts Hong Kong Style Milk Tea and Lucky Dog Sake, among other options.

And, if you want to try your hand at making Milu-style dishes, Milu Pantry offers sauces and condiments used in the kitchen that are available in the restaurant and online. Shop house-made Chili Oil, Dumpling Sauce, and Duck Fat as well as partner products from Fly by Jing, Yun Hai Taiwanese Pantry, and IRVINS to take Milu's flavors home with you.

Milu's pale blue exterior and warm wood touches are hard to miss. The restaurant’s Flatiron location, designed with Volenec Studio, is inspired by historic “cha chaan tang” or Hong Kong-style cafes serving affordable Canto-Western food. With a deep green color palette and iconic patterns, the interior space sets a playful yet refined backdrop for the delicious food.

Glowing reviews are pouring in for this new neighborhood option proving that Milu has it all: amazing cuisine, great atmosphere, and wonderful hospitality. 

(Pictured: Co-Founders Milan Sekulic, chef Connie Chung, and Vincent Chao.)

Milu is open Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm for pickup, delivery, outdoor, and limited indoor dining.

Milu, 333 Park Avenue South, @eatmilu