BID Expansion


Notification and Comment Solicitation Form Regarding Expansion of the
rd Street Partnership Business Improvement District (BID)

To: Stakeholder in the Proposed BID Expansion Area                                                                                    

From: Flatiron BID Expansion Steering Committee

The BID Expansion Steering Committee, a group of community stakeholders, is proposing expanding its boundaries to include additional adjacent blocks to provide services and improvements and form a more cohesive, clean, and safe district. The newly expanded district would encompass the Flatiron and NoMad neighborhoods and be generally bound by Sixth Avenue to the west, 31
st Street to the north, 20th Street to the south, and Park Avenue to the east (see enclosed map). We are calling for your support in this effort.


Services Provided by the BID

Based on the feedback received from property owners, businesses and residents within the proposed expansion area, the Steering Committee has determined that the BID should provide the following services in the expanded boundaries:

              • Sanitation
              • Public Safety
              • Homeless Outreach
              • Streetscape Enhancements and Beautification
              • Marketing, Branding & Programming
              • District Advocacy 

Property owners and taxpayers of record would be charged an annual special assessment to generate funds to support the BID services. By law, no current City services, such as police or sanitation, may be reduced as a result of BID services.

Annual BID Assessment Budget

The Committee proposes an annual assessment budget of $2,750,000 to fund new services in the expansion area. The existing BID has a total annual assessment budget of $3,250,000, making a maximum assessment budget of $6,000,000. The BID’s maximum assessment budget cannot be increased without the approval of the BID Board of Directors and the amendment of the local law that creates the BID.


Annual BID Assessment

The Committee proposes to continue the formula employed by the current BID to calculate the annual special assessment for each property in the district. The formula is a per square foot rate calculated by dividing the annual BID assessment budget by total amount of assessed commercial square feet in BID. The formula is based on the type of property, of which there are seven classes: Class A- Retail/Commercial/Professional, Class A1- Retail/Commercial/Professional over 1 million square feet and covering a single city block, Class A2- Large Mixed-Use, Class B- Residential, Class C- Not-for-Profit and Public, Class D- Vacant Parcels, Class D1- Parking Lots, as noted below.

BID Class

Property Description

Base Fee

Annual Square
Footage Rate

Class A: Retail/Commercial/Professional

Properties within the district devoted in whole or in part to retail, commercial or professional uses


Approximately $0.16 on commercial SF

Class A1: Retail/Commercial/Professional

Any building over 1.0 million square feet and covering a single city block


80% of Class A rate

Class A2:
Large Mixed-Use

Any building over 200 thousand square feet containing both commercial and residential uses.


Approximately $0.16 on commercial SF

40% of Class A Rate on residential SF

Class B:
Residential Use

All properties devoted exclusively to residential uses





Class C:
Not-­for-­Profit and Public

Properties owned by not­-for­-profit and public agencies which are exempt from real property tax and properties with exclusively not-­for­-profit tenants in one hundred percent of their commercial square footage



Class D:
Vacant Parcels

All properties vacant, without structures or any commercial use



Class D1:
Parking Lots

All properties without structures, used as parking lots


Approximately $0.16 on the total lot SF

Note that only the property owners will be billed; however, commercial property owners may be able to pass some or all of the assessment along to their commercial tenants depending upon the terms of individual commercial leases. The NYC Department of Finance is responsible for collecting the BID assessment and will forward these funds in full to the BID.


About BIDs and the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership

A BID is a not-for-profit corporation defined by a set of boundaries where local stakeholders oversee and fund the improvement and promotion of their district. There are 76 BIDs throughout New York City.

The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership was established in 2006 and has implemented services to make the corridor cleaner, safer and more welcoming, which have contributed to the vast revitalization of the neighborhood over the last 13 years.  The BID is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, which is elected annually, and consists of local property and business owners, commercial and residential tenants as well as representatives of the Mayor, Borough President, Comptroller, the local City Councilperson and Community Board.  For more information about the Flatiron BID, visit FlatironDistrict.NYC.

About the Steering Committee Outreach

The Flatiron BID Expansion Steering Committee has given careful consideration of the varying viewpoints within the Committee and has also solicited feedback through a survey as well as formal and informal discussions.  At the Community-wide public meetings, comments and questions about the proposed Flatiron BID expansion will be addressed in an open forum.  Meetings will be publicized through mailings to property owners and tenants, door-to-door distribution of postcards, and announcements made via social media and local press. 

Please contact the Partnership at 212-741-2323 or with any questions about the proposed expansion.

Quick Stats


overall approval rating in 2019 Annual Survey


sanitation service hours provided in FY 2019


trash bags collected in FY19


graffiti removals in FY 2019


of 2018 survey respondents found the BID to be "safer" or "as safe as" most Manhattan neighborhoods


encounters with homeless individuals to offer services in FY19


social media followers across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook


tree pits planted & maintained


hanging flower baskets


price per square foot for Commercial A+B Office Space in Q4 2019, compared to Manhattan average of $64.10


neighborhood branded trash cans


individuals provided temporary shelter or permanent housing in FY19


community events hosted in FY19