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Public Improvements

Through its Public Improvement Program, the Partnership seeks to enhance the physical environment and aesthetics of the Flatiron District by coordinating and implementing a variety of streetscape and beautification initiatives.

Flatiron Public Plazas

The Flatiron Public Plazas were created by the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) in 2008, complete with a reconfiguration of traffic patterns at the intersection of Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street. This project created safer conditions with added pedestrian space, new crosswalks and bike lanes, and simplified patterns for vehicular traffic.

The Partnership maintains four plazas between 21st and 24th Streets providing sanitation, public safety, and horticulture for planters and movable bistro tables, chairs, and shade umbrellas.

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Streetscape Master Plan

In 2008, the Partnership hired Starr Whitehouse to conduct a comprehensive master planning process for streetscape and beautification projects.  Working with our Streetscape committee, Starr Whitehouse conducted an analysis of the district and prepared numerous recommendations.

The Master Plan serves as a blueprint for potential short- and long-range projects contingent on budget availability, Board approval, and City agency / Community Board approvals as applicable. Additional streetscape projects for future implementation include more street trees, wayfinding and signage, and lighting.

Phase I of the Master Plan for Streetscape and Beautification called for hanging flower baskets; custom tree-pit guards with the Partnership logo and tree pit plantings; planting of the Park Avenue South malls; and plantings in the Public Plazas. These elements are seen in the neighborhood today and are maintained by the Partnership through a contract with A. Bulfamante Landscaping, a landscaping firm.

Download the Master Plan here

Park Avenue South Malls

The Partnership has adopted the Park Avenue South median malls from 21st to 28th Streets and provides seasonal planting and maintenance. The Park Avenue South beautification efforts are generously sponsored by ABS Partners, Colliers International, Con Edison, GFP Real Estate, Hanky Panky, Ltd., Housing & Services, Meringoff Properties,, TF Cornerstone, Tiffany & Co., and Walter & Samuels.

Tree Pit Guards/Tree Pit Plantings

We plant and maintain a total of 178 tree pits. The guards, which display our logo, are installed throughout the district boundaries and feature seasonal plantings, watering, and maintenance.


Hanging Baskets

The Partnership's hanging flower baskets program recently expanded from 44 locations along Broadway, Fifth Avenue, Sixth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue South, and 23rd Street to 115 locations districtwide.

Greening the District

The Partnerhsip's beautifcation projects are made possible, in part, through generous support from "Greening the District" sponsors: 225 Fifth Avenue Condominium, ATCO, Con Edison, Meringoff Properties, Rockrose Development Corp.,  Tiffany & Co., and The NoMad Hotel.

Tree-Planting Initiative

We continue to coordinate a districtwide tree-planting initiative through the City's street tree planting program. To date, 56 trees have been planted as a result of requests submitted by the Partnership.

Any property owner may request a street tree by clicking here

Bike Racks Through CityRacks Program

CityRacks is a program run by the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) that provides free bicycle parking racks on City-owned sidewalks to encourage cycling for commuting, short trips and errands. To date, 67 bike racks have been installed in the district from requests submitted by the Partnership.

For more information about the program and to learn whether your location qualifies, click here.

City Lights

In spring 2017, the Partnership continued its partnership with NYCDOT to implement City Lights, a distinctive lighting project. Forty-eight new energy-efficient light poles were installed along 23rd Street and Broadway with eight additional locations to be installed in the future. The new poles feature LED bulbs for greater illumination and a sleek design to blend into the environment. This project has been in planning for many years following grant funding provided to the Partnership from the New York City Council and the Manhattan Borough President's office. Each new fixture decreases maintenance costs and carbon footprints. 

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