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NOW - Jul 15, 2020

Poster House: Lippert & Lowry: Instagram Live Fireside Chats

Join everyone’s favorite blazer-loving poster duo for a Fireside Chat on Instagram Live!

Angelina Lippert, our Chief Curator, and Nicholas Lowry, Director of Swann Auction Galleries, are two of the biggest personalities in the poster world. And they also happen to be best buddies! So why not spend your evening hanging out with them? There’ll even be a real fireplace!

In honor of last week’s Art Deco Cocktail Party, the dynamic duo will be talking about all things Art Deco this evening! Bring your best Gatsby vibes, old sport, and relive the Roaring Twenties!

Ask questions, chime in, make requests, play along—no poster is off limits for these two!

Just follow @posterhousenyc and @swanngalleries and tune in at 8pm for the best poster entertainment on the internet!

WHEN: Every Wednesday, 8 pm - 8:30 pm

Jul 7, 2020

General Assembly NYC: Refreshing Your Brand on Social Media

In today's digital world, it's become essential to create your own personal brand, one that'll help you stand out from the crowd.

In this thought-provoking and inspiring talk, you'll learn how to identify this unique brand, how to build and promote the online and 'offline' elements of your brand, and how to effectively represent both your company and yourself while talking to potential clients, investors or employers.

***Understand the role brand plays in long-term business success
***Identify the core elements of a brand statement
***Learn how to apply a brand strategy consistently throughout a business

WHEN: July 7th, 6:30 pm - 8 pm

Jul 8, 2020

General Assembly NYC: Mythbusting the Markets: Next-Gen Investing

Just half of all Americans invest in the stock market, and that percentage is substantially lower among women and people of color. Investing used to be something reserved for certain groups of people, and it was rarely marketed to or made to feel accessible for others. But that's all changing.

In this session, you'll get an early look at new research from Public.com and Finimize, which explores the habits and behaviors of the next generation of investors. In addition to sharing the current state of investing among young people, we'll also break down common myths about personal finance and investing and explain what the democratization of the stock market means for you.

*** What is the current state of millennial and Gen Z personal finance and investing trends
*** How the investing experience is becoming more democratized and what that means for you
*** Demo of Public.com's free social investing app, which makes it possible to share ideas with other investors and own fractional shares of thousands of publicly-traded companies and ETFs

Those interested in following along with the Public.com demo can download the free app and start with a free slice of stock. US residents only, 18+. Subject to account approval.

WHEN: July 8th, 12 pm - 1 pm

Jul 14, 2020

General Assembly NYC: Cocktails & Credit

Come with your favorite cocktail or mocktail and let's get real about your credit and debt!

Whether you have “good” credit or “bad,” Pamela Capalad and Dyalekt of Brunch & Budget will teach you how to play the credit game at a time when credit may be a necessary resource to get through the foreseeable future. They will share changes in the CARES Act that apply to your credit and student loans.

They will then detail how to check and read your credit score, increase that score, determine when it makes sense to refinance, consolidate, do a balance transfer, or take out a personal loan. You’ll learn about student loan forgiveness options and get advice to help you prioritize what to pay and when with a debt pay-down plan that includes savings. Credit drinking game is definitely happening!

With over 30 million people having applied for unemployment in the last two months, the stock market taking a nose-dive, and a shelter-in-place order that has brought the economy to a halt, it can be overwhelming to know how to think about your finances during a time of crisis. Financial literacy is not enough.

This two-hour interactive workshop will show you how to find financial resilience in uncertain times and empower you to take action for yourself and your community. Whether you have “good” credit or “bad,” Pamela Capalad and Dyalekt of Brunch & Budget will teach you how to play the credit game at a time when credit may be a necessary resource to get through the foreseeable future.

WHEN: July 14th, 5 pm - 7 pm

Jul 28, 2020

Van Alen Institute: Virtual Book Club

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Van Alen Book Club is a purely virtual affair for the time being. In an effort to recreate the conversational nature of our meetings within this new format, space is limited for this event.

In this memoir, Broom invites us into her family’s New Orleans home and shows us, through their collective story, a city still grappling with the legacy of Hurricane Katrina and the injustices suffered by its native black people.

WHEN: July 28, 7 pm – 8:30 pm