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Update on Mayor's HOME-STAT Program Serving the Homeless

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on April 5th, 2016 that the new HOME-STAT initiative has been fully staffed. HOME-STAT (Homeless Outreach & Mobile Engagement S‎treet Action Team) is a street homelessness outreach effort that includes daily canvassing of every block in Manhattan from Canal Street to 145th Street, as well as an online dashboard system that maps requests for homeless outreach assistance from the public. Canvassers and outreach teams also focus on 18 hot spot areas across the city.

"Street homelessness in Manhattan has increased significantly over the last two years, and we need to work intelligently to reverse that trend," said Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer. "Everyone who knows me knows my approach to solving problems starts with collecting and organizing data to fully understand the task in front of us. That's why I think the Mayor’s HOME-STAT initiative holds so much promise – it will help us build our effort to end homelessness on a solid foundation of data."

All New Yorkers can join the HOME-STAT effort by contacting 311--by phone or mobile app--and requesting outreach assistance for individuals they believe may be homeless and in need of help.

To read the press release from the Mayor's office, click here.