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New Neighbor: Tend

The Flatiron Partnership welcomes Tend, a modern dentist office with a fresh-take on patient experience and oral wellness, to the neighborhood at 29 East 21st Street. Tend is a dental wellness company that touts itself as “the first dentist you’ll actually look forward to." With a sleek studio design and personalized touches, Tend strives to make dental visits a happier experience.

We're thrilled to officially launch Tend with the opening of our first location in New York's Flatiron neighborhood. There were so many reasons why launching in New York City made sense for us - beyond being one of the largest dental markets, it's one of the top hubs for education in the space. The Flatiron District brings together some of the city's most creative and innovative businesses and people, making it the perfect place for us to introduce Tend,” says Andy Grover, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer of Tend. “We designed every element of the studio with the patient experience in mind, creating an environment where each guest feels completely tended to. We've been blown away by the response we've seen since launch and are excited for all that's to come!”

Tend's goal is to set a new standard for oral health – hassle free, personalized and straightforward dentistry with a focus on patient happiness. Founded by the former CEO of SmileDirectClub, Doug Hudson, Tend is taking a hospitality mindset to oral health.


Tend offers seamless, one-click appointment booking, and price transparency. Tend will check your benefits and tell you what your visit will cost before you arrive so there are no surprise bills. Tend partners with several insurance companies. Beyond that, the team strives to get to know you with questions about your goals, if you have any anxiety or nervousness, your preference on toothpaste flavor, etc. A few days before your visit, you’ll be sent a Tend Care Kit featuring specialty oral hygiene products.

Tend’s technology and equipment prioritize comfort. This includes an X-ray machine with 80% less radiation that can perform 20-second X-ray scans, digital impressions instead of a putty mold, and gentler low-noise drills. Dentists can visually walk you through each step of your treatment on screens so you can see the process for yourself. There’s also a patient portal that offers access to your records, fill-out paperwork ahead of time, and connect with clinicians directly. Tend offers a full range of services including preventative, restorative, cosmetic, and emergency dental services. Tend dentists are not paid on commission so they can focus on providing top-notch care instead of rushing through appointments.  

So what’s a visit like?

When You Walk-in: The studio itself isn’t your typical dentist office. Tend's space is designed to be beautiful and calming. Its sleek design invites you to step inside. There’s a cozy waiting room, but Tend claims you’ll barely use it during your visit. When you arrive, a receptionist will guide you to Tend’s “Brushery,” a blue and green colored room equipped with marbled sinks that conjure up images of mouthwash. You’ll be treated to a new Quip toothbrush and have your pick of toothpaste. 

When You Enter the Examine Room: Upon walking into your private, sound-proof examine room, a high-tech screen will greet you by name. Dental tools are intentionally nowhere to be seen. You will find a comfortable white/beige room with a hook to hang your belongings, a sink to wash-up, and a basket with brand-name dental products. The reclinable chair will have Bose headphones waiting for you to put-on and watch overhead your favorite Netflix show queued up before you arrive. After your visit, the Tend team aims to help you form healthy oral health habits as well with personalized nutritional tips and product recommendations to encourage preventative care.

Tend wants you to expect compassionate dentists that talk to you, check-in with you, and educate you. Tend aims to provide a holistic approach to dental care that aspires to move beyond a promise of feeling nothing to feeling something great.

Tend is open Monday thorugh Friday 8 am to 8 pm, Saturday 8 am to 4 pm, and closed on Sunday. 

Tend, 29 East 21st Street, between Broadway and Park Avenue, (212) 686-3686, @hello_tend


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Spring is in the air at @mangia_nyc_officialand perfect for outdoor dining πŸ’šπŸ’« πŸ“Έ: @cynstahgram Flowers by @floratorium
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